About Creative MicroSystems

Inventing the impossible: CMC routinely does the job that couldn’t be done elsewhere, or were deemed ‘impossible.’

CMC is a micro- and nano- fabricator with serious capability within a small facility. We focus on technical challenges from the idea stage through proof of concept, prototyping, and pilot production.

Our expertise in diffractive optics, laser physics, micro lithography, advanced materials, chemistry, micro-electronics and biology, allows us to apply multi-disciplinary approaches to solving customer problems that often result in unique, technologically significant solutions and IP, while also providing state-of-the-art fabrication and metrology capabilities for implementation.

Our Facility in Waitsfield, Vermont, supports a 20-year history of innovation in telecommunications, biotech, micro-electronics, photonics. Our 13,000 square foot facility has extensive capabilities for advanced lithography, high resolution imaging, surface characterization, custom coating, binary and analog patterning, reactive-ion etching (RIE), and ion milling, a 3,000 square foot Class 10/100 raised floor clean room for the development and production of defect sensitive micro and nano devices, and numerous optics and electro-optic laboratories.

Bill and Julie Parker

Working at Creative Microsystems