Bill and Julie Parker

Co-Founder and President

Julie is the co-founder of Creative MicroSystems Corporation, the new name for an old firm doing research, development and commercialization of technologies in custom nano/micro-fabrication, lithography, holography and diffractive optics. She has a Master of Science degree from the MIT Media Laboratory working in the Spatial Imaging Group where the late Stephen Benton (inventor of the full color hologram) was her mentor. Prior to starting Creative Microsystems, Julie was the founder of Diffraction LTD, whose microfabrication arm was spun off and re-named as Creative MicroSystems Corporation. Julie’s Patents. View the other side of Julie’s brain here.


Co-Founder and CEO

Bill as co-founder of Creative MicroSystems Corporation provides ongoing technical guidance in the quest for innovative and advanced technologies. Bill has extensive experience with a variety of technologies focusing on lasers and electro-optics, advanced imaging, lithography, nano/micro-fabrication, microsystems and holography. He has been a principal of several private equity ventures. Bill received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from MIT, holds several dozen patents and is an advisor to many organizations in the areas of nanotechnology and advanced imaging.

Bill’s Patents.

Bill is the creator of Plasma Sphere Light Sculptures.


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