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Embedded Processing

Creative Microsystems is seeking a new team member with proficiency in C, C++ or C# to assist in the development of embedded, real-time processing for augmented reality and image processing. The work involves low level development on novel mobile processing architectures, such as DSPs, to interface to peripherals using MIPI, I2C and SPI. Applicants should have a desire to assist in the implementation of image processing algorithms and to explore new computing platforms and architectures to develop low latency, real time systems.

Let us know if your skill set includes experience with:
Development for DSP type architectures
Embedded systems and Debian distros (or similar)
Low-level hardware interfaces/driver development
MIPI interfaces
Image processing
Low latency system design
Parallel/multicore computing

Additionally, should your experience include interest or work with 3D graphics, neural processing implementation, USB interface design, Android development, FPGAs/VHDL or similar programming languages, please mention this in your letter of interest or interview.

Applicants should have demonstrated capability to work individually and as part of a small team. Creative Microsystems encourages applicants to include descriptions of personal projects and efforts that demonstrate these capabilities outside of the workplace as well.

  • Optical Engineer:
    • Core Requirements:
      • Focus on imaging systems, lens design, modeling, microscopy, lithography, diffractive optics & lasers

    • Desired Skills:
      • Extensive experience in: diffractive optics, LEDs, lasers, fiber optics, microscopy, imaging systems and lithography, involving the entire spectrum.
      • Proficiency in optical modeling software (ZEMAX or OSLO)
      • Proficiency in RCWA technique

    Electrical Engineer:

    • Core Requirements:

      • Well-versed in embedded system design (FPGAs, low power processors, DSP) or Board layout (high speed signals, image sensor)
    • Desired Skills and /or Additional Interests:
      • Prototype design/assembly and troubleshooting
      • Microscale devices, miniaturization
      • Micro-controller/embedded system design and programming
      • FPGA development
      • RF design and communication protocols experience a plus
  • Software / Computing:
    • Core Requirements:
      • Advanced image processing methods, design, and theory
    • Desired Skills and/or Additional Interests:
      • Data and processing parallelization methods and techniques
      • Experience in CUDA and OpenCV + OpenCL
      • Implementation of software in hardware, e.g. hardware design (GPU)
      • Embedded coding a plus

Optimal Job requirement for each position: Bachelor, Masters or PhD degree and or experience in development, testing and integration. That being said, we are looking more for team members that have the drive to learn new technology as it is created (and to create it themselves!) than those with a specific skill set. We like to think outside the box and invite candidates to do so also when it comes to skill set and potential.

Send resume and letter of interest to: and/or send us a note below.

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