Help Us Develop Innovative Technology in Real Time

We’re looking for Next Gen Thinkers to Solve Next Gen Challenges!

Creative Micro is a unique company that develops innovative custom solutions, progressing rapidly from idea/problem to practical devices, using unique facilities specifically assembled for the rapid creation and implementation of advanced technologies.

Our expertise in electrooptics, lasers, microlithography, exotic materials, material science, microelectronics and biology allows us to apply multi-disciplinary approaches to solving problems that often result in unique, technologically significant solutions and valuable IP.

Our 13,000 square foot facility has extensive capabilities for optics development, advanced lithography, high resolution imaging, surface characterization, custom coating, binary and analog patterning, wet and dry processing and 2500 square feet of Class 10/100/1000 clean rooms for the development and production of defect sensitive micro and nano devices.

CMC is looking for individuals motivated to become key members of our team that continually expands the bounds of microfabrication and nanotechnology.


Brilliant Team + Broad Spectrum Facilities + Small Size = Innovative Technology in Real Time

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