Creative MicroSystems facilities include Class 10/100/1000 cleanrooms and laboratories equipped for process development and microfabrication with substrates up to 200mm diameter or 6″ square.

Its laboratories are equipped with both dry and wet etch process tools including:

  • Dielectric and passivation application
  • Metallization and thin film PVD
  • Polish and planarization
  • Coating, development and photo resist stabilization
  • Contact and projection printing
  • Laser ablation and via drilling
  • Wet etch, Reactive Ion Etch and Ion milling
  • Process Development for Nano/Micro-systems
  • Metrology – AFM, SEM, EDAX
  • Optics, electro-optics and holography laboratories

Creative MicroSystems’ facility is secure, located in the Mad River Valley in the heart of the Green Mountains, about thirty miles from Burlington, Vermont. As we are just 5 miles from Sugarbush and Mad River Glen ski areas, we have a 12″ of powder rule and some of our employees bike to work in the summer.

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