At CMC, we’re big on getting things really really small.

Creative Microsystems has independently developed many of the microsystem and nanofabrication techniques in use today to produce custom micro-fabricated parts.

Areas of expertise include:

At CMC, we’re big on getting things really really small. Some areas of expertise include:
Microfluidic systems support a wide and growing range of applications from pharmaceutical discovery and live cell experimentation to point-of-care medical diagnostic devices and implantable drug delivery components. These devices have in common the integration of multiple functions in a single low cost platform and excellent sensitivity to low signal levels.
Microfluidic devices utilize miniature channels and pathways to move and process small quantities of fluids in a 2D or 3D structure. The application of microsystems technology to microfluidics has been a focus at Creative Microsystems for nearly 20 years. We can rapidly design, model, prototype and fabricate microfluidic devices and Lab-on-a-Chip systems.
◾Integrated Instrumentation
Integrated instrumentation combines Electrical, Optical and Fluidic attributes and capabilities in one miniaturized device. Creative Microsystems has been a pioneer in the integration of electrical and optical sensing and I/O capability on 2D and 3D fluidic devices.
Short pathways and minute volumes of reactants require the sensing of low level signals. Microsensors can respond to color, electrical characteristics, presence of cellular components or molecular level signals such as antibodies or even a specific protein. Creative Microsystems has worked extensively with high sensitivity detectors such as cantilevers, surface plasmon resonance sensors, specific ion concentration, nanodots and near field optical detection methods.
A Lab-on-a-Chip is the result of shrinking a room full of glassware, laboratory equipment and instruments to fit on a thumbnail size piece of glass, polymer or silicon. Creative Microsystems designs and builds complex miniature systems using highly intricate fabrication processes in our own fully equipped microfabrication facility.


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