Photolithography Process:The production of micron scale and smaller patterns is accomplished using high precision and durable photomasks and a photosensitive layer on a substrate. This is the core technology behind all microelectronic circuits and other highly detailed structures. Creative Microsystems has invested heavily in the infrastructure required for generating micropatterns.


Photomasks Creative Microsystems produces emulsion, chrome, iron oxide, aluminum and dielectric photomasks using a direct write laser tool. When finer mask features are required a 5X reduction stepper or electron beam lithography tool is available. These photomasks can be used for a range of photolithographic techniques including proximity or contact printing, projection printing and ablation patterning. Production time can be as little as 1 day.

Laser Direct Write Masks: If only a few parts are needed or if the substrate does not lend itself to traditional photolithography using a photomask, Creative Microsystems is equipped to use direct laser patterning of the substrate. 3D structures can be produced using a “gray-scale” direct print mode.

Ablation Masks: A sufficiently powerful laser can vaporize or “ablate” a pattern into the substrate material. Creative Microsystems is a pioneer in the development and use of photomasks that can handle the extremely high powers needed for ablation lithography. Photomasks are fabricated in our Class 10/100 cleanroom and are tested in-house with high energy UV and IR lasers.

Holographic Projection Lithography Masks: Creative Microsystems has developed a lensless projection technique using a patented in-line holographic mask. This approach offers several distinct advantages such as high power handling, resistance to damage or debris, simplified optical system and true 3D.

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