Holographic Laser Ablation

As a leading provider of custom masks for high power laser ablation systems, Creative MicroSystems also provides the microelectronic and laser micromachining industries with in-line holographic masks capable of withstanding the extremely high energies.An in-line holographic mask (ILHM) for patterning a work piece combines the functions of a lens and amplitude mask to eliminate the need for projection optics. The elimination of the expensive lens in semiconductor lithography equipment can dramatically reduce the cost of production while at the same time enable increased quality of nano-size features.  And, unlike a mask-lens system, the limiting resolution of the holographic mask is a very small fraction of the illuminaiton wavelength due to its non-diffracting nature.

A holographic mask is more efficient than an normal amplitude mask, since light is gathered from many regions of the mask simultaneously and applied to the workpiece as a single pattern.  This capability also reduces the masks susceptibility to contamination or any process induced defects.Creative MicroSystems designs and fabricates traditional ablation masks that are used to meet a variety of development and production needs, including drilling flex circuits and ball grid array vias, ink jet nozzle production, etching solder masks, surface micromachining and patterning biomedical devices.

Creative MicroSystems also develops and produces masks for use with lensless lithography systems – the mask both focuses and patterns the light. The high optical efficiency mask produces a wavefront that is remapped into the desired pattern and not reflected away as with an amplitude mask.

  • Very high damage threshold: up to 20 J/cm2 –
  • Fused silica, sapphire, CaF2, ZnSe, Si, Ge, many plastics –
  • Minimum feature size: <1 micron –
  • For laser wavelengths from 193nm to 1064nm

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