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CMC Signs Ultra Wide Field of View Augmented Reality Contract

Waitsfield, VT

Creative Microsystems Corporation, a mature startup focused on high performance Augmented Reality displays and supporting technologies, revealed this week a June 2018 contract award with the Office of Naval Research to develop a 180° ultra-wide field of view Augmented Reality display for Marine Force-on-Force training. The government selected CMC due to the company’s proprietary imageguide optical designs, past performance, and industry’s lack of a commercial off the shelf augmented reality display that met the critical requirements of wide field of view, sunlight readability without sunshades, and size/weight factors.

Bill Parker, CEO and co-founder of CMC said, “This contract shows the support from customers that need something more than an indoor development tool. Our imageguide technology will enable Marines to experience a more realistic training experience giving them a decisive edge on the battlefield.”

CMC’s technology is based on 14 years of advanced, see-through holographic display developments with commercial and government customers, and over thirty years of holographic/diffractive optical design and manufacturing experience. CMC’s approach uses their proprietary Holographic imageguide technology to provide an unparalleled user experience. CMC performs all design and manufacturing work in their extensive Waitsfield, Vermont facilities.

The objectives of the contract are:

  • Integrate CMC’s existing wide field of view display technology into an even greater horizontal field of view for total user immersion for combined live / virtual training.

  • Minimize interference with the user’s natural perception of their environment.

  • Perform human Factors studies for using ultra-wide field of view augmented reality in military mixed reality exercises (i.e., live fire along with virtual objects)

The end result of the effort will be an invaluable tool for mixed reality simulations and training for numerous industrial, commercial, and military applications.

About Creative Microsystems Corporation

Creative Microsystems Corporation is an industry leader in high performance, ruggedized Augmented Reality and supporting technologies. The company is developing revolutionary display hardware and software for harsh environments where performance cannot be compromised. The company’s display technology excels in the areas of field of view, brightness, and compactness. The company’s customers past and present include numerous large commercial clients, the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, SOCOM, DARPA, and NASA. The company was founded by Bill and Julie Parker in 2005, is privately held, and based in Waitsfield, VT.

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