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US Government Accepts Delivery of CMC's Wide Field of View Augmented Reality Display

Waitsfield, VT

Creative Microsystems Corporation (CMC), a mature startup focused on high performance Augmented Reality displays and supporting technologies, revealed this week their delivery of their 110° Wide-Field-of-View Holographic Imageguide System (WHIS) binocular display to the US Government at the end of a successful 18-month contract. The customer has already ordered several additional systems on a contract extension. The system uses CMC’s proprietary imageguide display technology boasting the smallest form factor and sunlight readability. The display system integrates seamlessly with existing government equipment.

Bill Parker, CEO and co-founder of CMC said, “With the delivery of this display hardware, the US Government now has an unprecedented capability for Augmented Reality. WHIS will give the government a key advantage in developing situational awareness applications for our front-line troops.”

The WHIS demonstrates the core competencies of CMC’s display technologies and is currently being considered by several other interested parties for inclusion in similar systems.

About Creative Microsystems Corporation

Creative Microsystems Corporation is an industry leader in high performance, ruggedized Augmented Reality and supporting technologies. The company is developing revolutionary display hardware and software for harsh environments where performance cannot be compromised. The company’s display technology excels in the areas of field of view, brightness, and compactness. The company’s customers past and present include numerous large commercial clients, the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, SOCOM, DARPA, and NASA. The company was founded by Bill and Julie Parker in 2005, is privately held, and based in Waitsfield, VT.

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