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Creative MicroSystems is a world leader in ruggedized, outdoor Augmented Reality display systems that use our proprietary holographic Imageguide™ display technology. Our displays are changing the paradigm with sunlight readability without sunshades, extremely wide field of view, and rugged, compact designs. Ask us how we can get your AR system outdoors where others only dream of going.


Our Products


After waiting too long for major developers to produce an AR display that was usable outdoors without compromising sunshades, CMC developed our own proprietary Imageguide™ technology based on our holographic inventions and display patents. What some people call “waveguides,” CMC calls Holographic Imageguides™, as they do more than just guide waves. Our founders studied holography and diffractive optics under industry pioneer Dr. Steven Benton, at the MIT Media Lab. We design and manufacture all our own optics and holographic Imageguides™ in-house in our optical fabrication shops and class 100 clean rooms. We then integrate them into rugged near-to-eye display systems, including headtracking and processing.


Our holographic HUD patented (US Patent 6,906,836) technologies enable high performance, infinity focused, daylight readable HUDs with minimal components for any see-through surface. We can make reflective combining displays as small as smartglasses, compact enough to embed them into automotive windshields, or as large as an office building window. We can also design the displays to be flat or on curved surfaces.

Our Technology


Based on CMC proprietary technology, we developed some of the highest performance optics for use in augmented reality. We currently build several displays that use our Imageguides™, optics and light engine designs for display of AR content specifically for outdoor, rugged uses. In addition, their field of view of >110° is unmatched by anything available on the market.

Multi-Aperture Computational Vision

Advances in mobile computational hardware and new algorithms to support traditional optics opens a whole new possibility in optical performance. We developed cutting edge systems for low-light, low-latency applications. By using multiple optical apertures and imagers, we can shrink optical designs significantly, while improving performance, at affordable prices.

Holographic Display

What value is display technology if it is not reproducible? CMC has processes and technology that can enable us to manufacture our Imageguide™ display optics at large volumes.

High-G Optical

Based on our patented inventions and continuing research, we are developing high-speed, compact optical modems that can withstand tens of thousands of Gs and provide high data rates. These rugged optical modems allow for use in designs and applications where slower non-RF communications systems, such as acoustics or magnetics, were previously necessary.

Optics Design
and Production

Designing and fabricating custom optical systems is a mainstay of CMC capability. This includes a full range of diffractive and refractive micro-optics, diffraction gratings, DOE’s and HOE’s as well as optical components for energy laser systems, lens arrays, wafer scale integrated optics and solutions for unique and highly challenging applications.

Human Factors
Display Engineering

AR displays are only as good as the experience they create. They require a careful balance to provide the right amount of information. Too much or too little can impact the user’s situational awareness. CMC has a diverse group of Human Factors and Software Developers that enable us to design a “display philosophy” to provide one of the most overlooked parts of the AR experience.

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